Trike ID/info

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Trike ID/info

Postby Si » 6 Jul 2019, 3:23pm

Posted on behalf of a member:

Can anyone identify this trike or give a little more info about it please?

It has "121" and "j 46" stamped under the down tube. The sticker on the down tube say "Humber". He wonders if it is really a Humber or if it's a Pashley (as he has seen a very similar Pashley)?



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Re: Trike ID/info

Postby Brucey » 7 Jul 2019, 6:22pm

FWIW trikes are a real niche thing; they were never big sellers and are not often seen. I've seen a few Humber ladie's trikes and they all had a 'loop' type down tube. However Humber were taken over by Raleigh and it is possible that there were partially 'Raleigh-ised' models which are different.

The trike in your picture has been restored and it is not at all clear which parts might be original and which might not be. I'd guess that nearly everything apart from the frame has been replaced.

The thing that is most likely to identify this trike is probably the rear axle and its connection to the main frame. All trikes use a different arrangement; for example this James isn't the same at all but it shares some similarities



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Re: Trike ID/info

Postby David Cox » 4 Aug 2019, 4:59pm

Many thanks Brucey. The Member Steve is an old friend of mine from youth club days and we met up again at a Reunion recently. He has a rather wonderful vintage Humber open top car and bought this for his son to complement it. But the track is too narrow for the son to safely balance unfortunately. I'll send him the link. Thanks again.