32 Sprocket with Campag Chorus?

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Re: 32 Sprocket with Campag Chorus?

Postby Roger_H » 23 Jul 2019, 9:28am

gfk_velo wrote:
Roger_H wrote:
RickH wrote:It isn't really a matter of needing the gear or wanting to use it. On my 3x10 I would not normally use the largest 2 sprockets with the big chainring but there have been a couple of occasions when I have thought I was in the middle ring & gone to change down a gear to find I couldn't because I was actually on the big ring & had reached the largest sprocket.

If the chain is too short, even if it doesn't actually damage anything, you can sometimes need to partially dismantle the drive train (& you won't be able to release a quick link) to get it back out of that gear.

In contrast a slack chain in small-small is unlikely to do any damage.

Again the real Q for me is whether anyone has personal experience of running a 2010 Chorus mech with a 32 sprocket?

You won't believe it - but it was a combination that was both computer modelled and practically tested at Campagnolo.
It was rejected in favour of spending a lot of R and D time in making the HO RDs with Medium cage. OK, there were also other reasons to do that but given the slating that Campag were getting at the time for not having a "32T solution", if it could have been made to work well and predictably, believe me, they'd have done it - there was a lot of pressure from the sales side.

Probably you can get it to work in some cases, depending on the exact frame geo (as I have discussed on this and other forums many times) but I'd be careful - I know for a fact Campagnolo broke a lot of mechs in testing, sometimes for obvious reasons, sometimes for not-so-obvious reasons ... I rode one of the bikes at the factory and I thought the shifting was barely acceptable ...

Did Campag run any tests using a hanger extension of the Wolfs-Tooth-RoadLink type?

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Re: 32 Sprocket with Campag Chorus?

Postby pq » 30 Jul 2019, 12:00pm

I haven't bothered reading this thread, but here's my experience.

I ran a 30T on a standard short cage record rear mech, and it struggled. The problem is that the top jockey wheel runs too close to the sprocket. You can adjust it, but not really enough. It was usable though.

What tipped it over the edge was changing the chainset from 50/39 to 50/34 - it didn't have enough capacity. I swapped the cage for a medium and now it works, but struggles a bit as before.

So, all of this means that I very much doubt you'd be able to use a 32 without using one of those gizmos which extend the hanger, but that would compromise the shifting. Maybe try a triple rear mech? I run one of those on my tourer, also with a 30T but it doesn't struggle like the Record does. My guess is that it would cope OK with another couple of teeth.
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