Shimano Claris Brifters

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Shimano Claris Brifters

Postby Paolo Novice » 26 Jul 2019, 3:47pm

Afternoon all

First post here as I've just started riding a road bike (budget Challenge CLR 0.3 - second hand) and have a problem shifting gears on the rear. I like to tinker a little bit and whilst I was setting the gears up, was suddenly unable to change up to the larger cogs. I took the brifter apart (Shimano Claris) and noticed the lever that is meant to grip the cog is loose and won't stay in place. I tried the internet advice of flushing it and still nothing. I'm guessing there should be a small spring to bring it back to the cog after the lever returns but it just stays in whatever position it is in after changing.

I've uploaded a couple of pics to show the part - One is engaged and the other away from the cog

So, my question is, are these, ahem, cattle trucked or can they be easily repaired?

Thanks in advance to anyone posting replies
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