Rear wheel problem

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Re: Rear wheel problem

Postby nigelnightmare » 28 Sep 2019, 9:14pm

If as Brucey said if you can get the parts for around £150 then the shop is ONLY charging you £80 to do the work and as others have stated a full service costs around £100+ parts.
As you said you like the bike and have modified it.
If you were going to do the work yourself you'll need Specific tools which can be expensive, somewhere to work on it AND the time to do it.

All in all the LBS sounds very reasonable to me.

Even though I do All my own repairs/maintenance.
I'd advise that you get the LBS to do it this time and then learn how to maintain it yourself, buying the tools you need as you need them.

Lots of good info on the internet/YouTube.


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Re: Rear wheel problem

Postby gxaustin » 30 Sep 2019, 4:43pm

How about this: I bet you have changed a tyre and therefore have taken a wheel off.
So buy a wheel from Decathlon - £35 + freewheel £10 + chain £10. I know plenty of people who have stuff from Decathlon and it's pretty robust. You could upgrade to a 7 speed cassette/freehub for a bit more.
Screw freewheel to wheel - no tools required. Swap tyre and tube (you can do that).
Mount in frame with new chain. I'm assuming you have changed a chain but if not its on youtube. Chain tool costs a few quid. Chain comes with a quick link.
So far its cost about £50.
That gets you going and then take it for a service.
My local Decathlon has a mechanic so they may do it for you at a decent price.