Shimano 10 Speed Compatibility

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Shimano 10 Speed Compatibility

Postby Valbrona » 7 Sep 2019, 3:57am

I have on my bike 10 speed Ultegra shifters (6700) and 10 speed 105 derailleurs (5700).

But someone tells me that 10 speed Tiagra (4700) kit is not compatible with the above.

What do you say bike junkies?

I should coco.

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Re: Shimano 10 Speed Compatibility

Postby Brucey » 7 Sep 2019, 7:23am

different cable pull in the RH shifter because it is designed for a rear mech with a different shift ratio. Most road 10s shifters pull about ~2.3mm/click and 4700 pulls ~2.8mm/click

There's also differences in the FD cable pull.