Cycle clips v rubber bands

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Re: Cycle clips v rubber bands

Postby The utility cyclist » 9 Sep 2019, 2:58pm

Cycle clips will last a 100 years or more surely, the second hand pair I came into are at least 30 years old and hardly take up any space, I've probably used them (well one of the pair at a time) a dozen times in the 30 years I've had them. As above though I'm more likely to put trouser leg in sock (neatly folded so as not to crumple) or roll your leg up or just wear shorts and change at other end. Just wearing shorts and changing is doable anywhere for any occasion that you would bike to so it's really not a big deal and are likely to keep your trousers in nicer condition/less creased -
Going to meet up with friends for drinks (though more likely to stay in shorts even in autumn/winter) going to a restaurant/working lunch, training sessions and conferences, I even cycled to a presentation evening, there's no limits IMO to cycling and rolling a leg up and/or just wearing shorts and changing into trousers.
I'm not seeing any upside to elastic bands tbh and if they snap, then what?

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Re: Cycle clips v rubber bands

Postby freiston » 9 Sep 2019, 6:05pm

Audax67 wrote:
freiston wrote:I preferred elastic bands to tucking my trousers into my socks but now, if I need to use anything, I use those hi-viz plastic-coated metal strips that roll up by themselves (I don't know what they're called) - very efficient and very comfortable.

I've had more than one nasty crack on the knuckles from those things. Still, they are good. I have a green one & need a red one to have port & starboard. Green to green and red to red... but mind the truck all the same. I suppose the Ass says they have to be yellow, though.

I do like the sound of port and starboard bands. With the abundance of silver/white reflective material being used on the rear of clothing and bags, I do worry that I'm sending mixed signals with my red rear light and reflector. Iirc, Karrimor panniers had either orange or yellow material (of varying reflective quality) on the rear of their panniers.
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