20" tyre for cargo bike

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20" tyre for cargo bike

Postby martinn » 9 Sep 2019, 7:24pm

Hi All,

I have an E-Cargo trike, which uses 20" tires on the front. one has worn through, looking at getting a replacement tire, what is the collective wisdom?
I was looking at schwalbe either marathon plus or Marathon GT 365, or Big Ben plus.
(Currently using Kendra, size is 47 X 406)

I am looking for a tire that is puncture resistant, which is durable has good road grip in most conditions and has a low rolling resistance, probably in that order

many thanks


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Re: 20" tyre for cargo bike

Postby Brucey » 9 Sep 2019, 8:34pm

marathon plus seems to be a common choice on loaded utility bikes/trikes. A major shortcoming is that they are not a super-easy rolling tyre in absolute terms, but considering the puncture resistance, they are very good. Given your list of priorities I think they would be a good choice.