Torque Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet)

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Torque Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet)

Postby Manc33 » 9 Sep 2019, 10:40pm

Here's a calculator to work out the force required when Newton meters and wrench length values are input.

You can also put a centimeter value in another box to see what that is in inches, so that figure can be entered in the main box (since it must be in inches to work).

The spreadsheet also shows the Nm value in inch-pounds and foot-pounds.

Grab it here:

Code: Select all


Nothing can be edited that should not be. If you want to "unprotect" the file and edit everything, the password is password.

The calc uses the exact figures:
- Nm x 8.85074579 = inch pounds
- KG x 2.20462 = pounds

So don't blame me when you shear a bolt :lol:
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