3 in 1 Oil

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Re: 3 in 1 Oil

Postby mercalia » 8 Oct 2019, 12:21pm

fastpedaller wrote:I tried chain saw oil and although it said on the bottle "anti fling" it flung off all over! Maybe I peal faster than a chain saw :lol:
My lubricant of choice is TF2

yes I have a bottle of chainsaw oil that aint anti fling. I use a spray lube called CarLube100+ i got off Ebay and seems to work well


I bought 2 cans back in 2017. I am still on the first one

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Re: 3 in 1 Oil

Postby horizon » 8 Oct 2019, 1:01pm

I use Green Oil. It's been discussed on here before and I know people are quite robust in their views about it. :wink: But I'm going to persevere and see how it works out - I'm not claiming great things for it. As Brucey says (on this thread or another), a clean chain is the right starting point and the lubrication follows.

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Re: 3 in 1 Oil

Postby GranvilleThomas » 8 Oct 2019, 6:27pm

gaz wrote:Tin of 3-in-1 left behind in the garage when I moved in. I didn't use it on the transmission until the tin of BP oil left next to it had run out.

pwa wrote:In wet weather it needs re-applying more than once a week, and it does build up a tarry deposit if you don't clean parts for a couple of weeks.

I tend to ride my transmission into submission rather than clean and maintain it regularly.

Yes, I agree entirely, life's too short in my opinion. I did buy a tin of spray 3-in-1 from Poundland a few months back and have used it on my hedge cutter blades as I usually use GT85 on my chain and the rest of the transmission and I haven't used 3-in-1on my bike since I was a kid.

If I was stuck for something to use then I wouldn't have a problem using it to be honest.

The biggest problem I have is the price of these little bottle of 'special' chain lubes that you can purchase - not for me i'm afraid, but each to their own as the old saying goes.

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Re: 3 in 1 Oil

Postby Sid Aluminium » 9 Oct 2019, 3:00pm

Don't know what's available on the shelves in the old country; here in the colonies, there are a half-dozen or more different liquid lubricant products available in small bottles labeled '3-in-One'.

We're probably discussing the original product, now labeled '3-in-One Multipurpose Oil', these days wearing a black and white label. This debuted in 1894 as a bicycle chain lube, promising to 'clean, lubricate and rustproof', i.e. three benefits in one product. It's one of the very oldest cycling products one can still buy (although I can't promise the formulation has remained the same over the last 125 years.)

original 3-in-one 1894.jpg

As a chain lube in 2019, well, perhaps damning with faint praise, but you could do worse.

3-in-One Motor Oil, bearing a blue and white label, is a fair stand-in for those little bottles of Sturmey-Archer Cycle Oil of yore.

As Americans replaced their bicycles with Model Ts, 3-in-One's marketing department had to convince everyone that the little bottle of 'chain oil' they had in the shed was good for all types of things. From 1935:
oil  3 in one 1935.jpg