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Re: Best Track Pump

Postby hemo » 6 Nov 2019, 8:13pm

I use a Bontrager super charger, it was well used then and given to me by my younger brother about 5 years ago and still works very nicely.

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Re: Best Track Pump

Postby peetee » 6 Nov 2019, 9:50pm

mjr wrote:
peetee wrote:
mjr wrote:Is Topeak just getting suggested because it's not completely awful and Half-odds stock it so more people have it?

5 years of almost daily use in a bike workshop makes it cheap and nasty? I would say not. I have only changed the valve rubbers once.

That's lovely but I don't understand why you quoted my question only to ignore it.

D'oh. Mucho apple ogies. I completely misinterpreted what you wrote. I can see what you mean now I have re-read it. :oops:
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Re: Best Track Pump

Postby RickH » 7 Nov 2019, 4:42am

Debs wrote:
Brucey wrote: What you are meant to do is to let a little air out of a presta valve just before you start pumping. This both unsticks the valve and makes sure that there is no crud, small furry animals etc in the valve mechanism. Pumping is easy after that....


Yes i've always done that too and never had a problem... until:
When i 'let a little bit of air out' of my tubeless tyres a little bit of white goo comes out too, [Oh Vicar!]

So far no problems but i'm half expecting the sealant fluid to muck up the valve in due time (?) :(

With the set of wheels I have set up tubeless, I (almost) always leave the bike standing with the valves at the bottom. I've never had a problem with white goo because, if any has got into the valve, it should have drained back out again.

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Re: Best Track Pump

Postby GranvilleThomas » 7 Nov 2019, 10:19am

I have a Halfords, Bikehut Performance Track Bike Pump with Gauge. I cant remember exactly how long ago I purchased it but it was definitely before I moved to my present address, so that must be over 8 yrs ago.

Used regularly to pump up my daughters mountain bikes and bmx shrader valved tubes and my narrow 'high pressure' presta valved tubes (and the airbed).

The head has one hole that fits both valve types 'automatically' and I can't say I have ever had any problems with it.

Obviously the conditions under which I use it are nothing like those that would be experienced in daily workshop use but it has still lasted very well in my opinion. One thing I like is the fact is the pressure gauge is up top towards the handle and not down on the floor, so I don't have to wear my reading glasses or go down on my hands and knees to read it!

I see they are still selling them, but I'm sure they have gone up in price a fair bit:

Well worth going to Halfords to actually try one out and compare it to some others before you buy.
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Re: Best Track Pump

Postby nigelnightmare » 3 Dec 2019, 11:09pm

After searching around I settled for a £30 Zefal Mainly because it has rubber foot pads that stop it from scratching the hardwood flooring.
Got'ta keep the wife happy.
It's got a gauge (11bar 160psi accurate +/- 6-8psi) and a dual valve connector (with a slider).
It works fine on my fleet and has done for 4yrs now.
Even pumped up the car tyre quicker than the 12v compressor.
After some :twisted: Oiks let me tyres down & 7 other cars along the road, they even got a Police car!

I would have liked to get a SKS Rennkompressor as my Dad had one years ago, but even they don't have any foot pads and Nobody round here stocks them + I'm not keen on their connectors on the newer models they look cheap for a premium brand.

I use Halfords mini track pumps £18 and a digital pressure gauge on the bikes for visits while out.

I don't know about "best track pump" but I'm happy with the performance of the ones I use.