Best Inner Tube to prevent punctures.

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Re: Best Inner Tube to prevent punctures.

Postby JohnW » 17 Jan 2020, 1:58pm

My experience is also that it's the tyre that makes the difference, and not the tubes.

I have, however, recently had a couple of Continental inner tubes split along (or near) the moulding line.
I've also noted that the valves need tightening before use.
The errant tubes were "Made in China", despite "Deutsche Technik" printed on the box.

There is another (still current, I think) thread relating to sidewall blow-outs in a range of Continental tyres.
Has anyone else had this? Were the tyres folding (i.e. plastic beads) or steel beads?..........and were they "Made in China".

At the moment, two of my bikes are shod with Gatorskins, and I find them very good in puncture resistance - my impression is that they're better than average.

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Re: Best Inner Tube to prevent punctures.

Postby andrew_s » 17 Jan 2020, 3:05pm

There's a lot of randomness about punctures.
With Gatorskins, I've worn 3 or 4 down to the canvas before getting a puncture (or changing the tyre), but I've also had 5 or 6 punctures in 2 days (all different, before you ask).

I have the impression that many people can get the unlucky end of the randomness when they first use a tyre, and immediately write that tyre off as being a puncture magnet without persevering long enough for a proper test.
If you combine that attitude with failing to find a small fragment of glass or a strand of wire embedded in a tyre, and then finding that changing the tyre gets rid of the regular punctures, you can see why some people can have a downer on some tyres.

I would agree that only tyres can prevent punctures, but the tubes used can can make quite a difference in how annoying the punctures you do get are.
It's much nicer to change your tube at home than it is in a muddy field gateway when it's dark and chucking it down.