Alloy tubing

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Alloy tubing

Postby Crawford » 20 Oct 2004, 7:11pm

I have a KS2 recumbent with a stunningly heavy steel steering tube extender which I'd like to replace with a length of alloy/aluminium tube. The tube need to be 70cm long 22.0mm OD, 20mm ish ID. Anyone know where I can buy a single length of such tubing?


Re:Alloy tubing

Postby CJ » 21 Oct 2004, 8:29am

Don't do it. A steel tube is used because even the strongest alluminium alloy would not have enough resistance to fatigue stress. Although your weight doesn't press on the bars in that design, like on an upright bike, 70cm is an awful long lever and the consequences of snapping it off are severe.

Titanium is a safer bet: excellent fatigue properties. Contact .