Unusual Sachs Front Hub

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Unusual Sachs Front Hub

Postby SRV » 10 Feb 2020, 5:40pm

I have a Sachs qr front hub which uses 1/4" balls (that's why I think it unusual) . The cones (to which are attached flanges that rotate in recesses in the hub, if you see what I mean), are badly pitted. I believe the thread is 9mm. On the central tubular part of the hub is printed, NOT embossed, axially, SACHS 5 * * * (the asterisks are large dots). Is this a New Success, and where can I get spare cones? The above flanges have ETANCHE and SEALED embossed on them, by the way. Thanks.

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Re: Unusual Sachs Front Hub

Postby gaz » 10 Feb 2020, 6:34pm

Sachs 5000 should get you some hits on google, perhaps even a NOS hub or lightly used to salvage spares from.

Whilst I recall Rival and New Success I don't have a memory of 5000 or how it compares.
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Re: Unusual Sachs Front Hub

Postby Brucey » 11 Feb 2020, 7:46pm

it does sound like it might be a 'New Success' front hub, like this?


FWIW I suspect that you might be able to replace the axle with a cut-down 3/8" threaded rear axle, complete with cones etc. You may need to revise/ fit different dustcaps, and live without labyrinth seals. [IIRC the cups in the hub are the same as those used in most older Maillard/Normandy rear hubs.]

[edit; you could similarly use a cut-down 10mm rear axle, but probably the threads would need to be relieved at the ends in order to fit into front dropouts. Many shimano front hubs for disc brakes are built in a similar way.]