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Re: Anyone painted their bikes?

Posted: 13 Feb 2020, 11:29pm
by fastpedaller
I should think a medium tin of Humbrol (if one can be obtained) would be ideal for a bike frame.

Re: Anyone painted their bikes?

Posted: 14 Feb 2020, 3:18am
by aegelstane
Still have my first handmade frame [by Egar Allen, Ripley Derbys, c1954] hanging in the shed with it's last respray [1970ish] using a glorified jam jar with a plastic handle and a pipe which connected to the wrong end of a cylindrical vacuum cleaner.Thinned cellulose paint of course- must have a look to see whether the "apparatus" is also somewhere in there!

Re: Anyone painted their bikes?

Posted: 14 Feb 2020, 8:23pm
by hoogerbooger
I attach piccies of my rough stuff touring bike in Hammerite grey. I also attach a piccie of what it looked like before (considering what it looked like before I think I did a good job !!!)

All I did was strip bike. remove decals, remove sticky stuff. degrease. sand existing paint to get a key, filling the chips. rattle can under coat . paint brush carefully one coat of Hamerite. let it dry. light sand to key (plus sand off two paint runs). put on replacement decals. a few coats of rattle can clear coat. wax polish

I was surprised that with care I could use a brush and only get two small paint runs.

Did it 2004. been loads of places since then, on loads of trains, buses, planes, rattling around in backs of Jeeps/vans, top of an Indian petrol tanker, fell off an Indian bus etc and it's mostly still the same paint job. But I have plenty of paint left in the tin to touch it up if needed.

It was actually quite a pretty paint job when I did it ( if you like understated) and for touring I don't like looking flash. So fine for that.