Rear suspension squeaking

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Re: Rear suspension squeaking

Postby fausto99 » 6 Jul 2020, 1:50pm

Brucey wrote:..Interesting info about adhesives; Loctite 406 eh? ...

406 is totally wrong. Sorry. I misremembered. This ... e_380.html looks like the stuff.

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Re: Rear suspension squeaking

Postby igauk » 6 Jul 2020, 2:24pm

Mick F wrote:Mine was Willow Green.
Had a "chimney" on the roof and sliding windows.
Mini Mk2.
1968 model.

Sorry to continue the thread derailment, my first car was a customised mini van (well, first that was roadworthy). Red with gold and black stripes, shortened back with a tailgate conversion, mid mounted fuel tank, 1275 (or was it 1100?) engine and carb, LCB manifold, straight through big bore exaust, Corbeau bucket seet, dropped steering column with a Mountney wheel, full width dash with instruments for everything (most of which worked). Can't remember the reg number but it was on a Q plate. It had losts of failings but the suspension wasn't one of them. I found a bunch of old scrutineering tickets under the seat once...

On a vagely related note I think there's a correlation between Moulton ownership and BMC/BL/Citroen ownership and their shared interesting suspension. I've had two 2CVs as well.
Moulton TSR 30

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Re: Rear suspension squeaking

Postby Mick F » 6 Jul 2020, 3:41pm

Thread drift continues .......................

I bought a Mini 848cc in 1991 when I had a job up in Glasgow. I needed a project for the evenings and every other weekend. The other every other weekend, I would drive a hire car back home to Cornwall.

The Mini underwent a transformation under the bonnet.
I bought an Allegro A+ engine and gearbox from a scrappy up in Bearsden, and stripped it down. Had it bored out to 1400cc with Powermax 74mm pistons, the crank and conrods balanced, and mate turned down the thickness of the flywheel to lighten it.

I rebuilt the gearbox and fitted a higher diff and a competition clutch and uprated trust bearing.

Fitter a Piper high-lift camshaft, an inch and quarter SU carb and LCB manifold to a straight-through centre exhaust, and had the head ported and big valves fitted.

Rated at 100bhp and after running in, it went like a rocket. I went along the M8 towards Edinburgh and back with a stopwatch checking the distance posts with a notepad and then calculated the error in the speedo. I couldn't have given a toss about the odometer! I etched the speedo with white paint to show the 30mph point and the 60 and 70mph points too. I timed the car - and etched the speedo at 100mph and it went faster than that too. :oops:

The brakes?
I fitted ventilated drums at the front and secondhand alloys all round with big wide tyres with the 10" wheels.
It may have gone fast, but it didn't stop so well! :lol:
Mick F. Cornwall

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Re: Rear suspension squeaking

Postby rjb » 6 Jul 2020, 3:50pm

I helped a mate of mine fit an allegro engine and gearbox in his mini. Unfortunately he forgot about the diff until it was already bolted up and running. Minis had 10" wheels while allegros were 14" if i recall. The upshot of it was it had tremendous acceleration and he could pull away from a standing start in 3rd gear with the wheels spinning :lol:
Max speed was reduced to about 60 mph but it was great for a city car.
At the last count:- Peugeot 531 pro, Dawes Discovery Tandem, Dawes Kingpin, Raleigh 20, Falcon K2 MTB dropped bar tourer, Longstaff trike conversion on a Falcon corsa. :D

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Re: Rear suspension squeaking

Postby Mick F » 6 Jul 2020, 4:34pm

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I wrote a piece some years ago about all the cars I have known. Loads of them.
I called it "Cars I Have Known" as the title said it all.
All our cars have had names.
Lennie, referred to, was a Peugeot 205.
The Mini in question was called Norman.

It's all in print and PDF so here's three screenshots of the relevant bits.
First Part.png
Second Part.png
Third Part.png
Mick F. Cornwall

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Re: Rear suspension squeaking

Postby RickH » 6 Jul 2020, 4:47pm

rmurphy195 wrote:I wouldn't use the Thetford product for that it leaves a residue.

I presume that isn't because it has already seen service on the toilet! :shock: