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Info: Drops with Vs - Tektro work a treat

Posted: 13 Jun 2008, 3:30pm
by natmat
Thought I just pass on some info in case anyone's intersted...

Just converted from straight to drops and am now running Tektro RL520 Aero V brake levers with my LX Vs. I'm happy to report they work a treat.

I've never tried DiaCompe's offerring, so can't compare. These are well made, nice annoidising, levers have slight offset to aid braking on the drops and there's plenty of cable pull to give a good firm response. They're the old-style narrow levers, not the wide flat tops associated with dual brake/gear levers.

So, at £15 a great purchase from SJS. If anyone wants to know more then ask away.


Posted: 13 Jun 2008, 3:39pm
by Willpower
Hmm interesting it is. Now all we need is some STIs with cable pull for Vs and my next tour might not involve a dose of handlebar palsy. :roll:

Posted: 15 Jun 2008, 10:54pm
by RJC
You mentioned Cane Creek in the subject - are you using any Cane Creek bits in this setup?

Posted: 16 Jun 2008, 9:21am
by natmat
RJC wrote:You mentioned Cane Creek in the subject - are you using any Cane Creek bits in this setup?

Agh! Sorry, I'm an idiot. I didn't mean "Cane Creek", I meant to put Tektro in the subject. Sorry. I believe that CaneCreek do levers that are pretty much identical to the Tektro levers. So though I can't comment Cane Creeks, if you look at these and these you'll probably agree they're virtually the same.

Apologies for any confusion.

Posted: 16 Jun 2008, 9:58am
by Si
I've changed the subject line for you.

they sound good, I think that I might be doing some brake changes soon on my tourer ! I originally tried with travel agents but just could get on with them.

Posted: 16 Jun 2008, 10:06am
by natmat
Si wrote:I've changed the subject line for you.

Thank you.

One thing to bear in mind is that since the levers have effectively moved the fulcrum of the 'leverage', i.e. the hinge in the lever has been lowered to enable them to pull more cable in comparison to normal drop-levers, they do require a bit more effort from your fingers than normal caliper brakes levers do. However, braking whilst on the hods is perfectly manageable.