I made a bike fitting calculator (rough), needs testing by more people...

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I made a bike fitting calculator (rough), needs testing by more people...

Postby Manc33 » 29 Jul 2020, 8:38pm

I have made a spreadsheet where you put in your effective top tube length, your seat tube angle and your inside leg
measurement (with the same shoes you're using for cycling) and hopefully it spits out a rough percentage for the size
of bike you need.

It's only ever going to be rough because it's using your inside leg to guess at your height, which is never going to be
totally accurate, we are all different.

I based it on known measurements of my current MTB and the measurements of a road bike I know fit me on drop bars.

Try it out with the figures for your current bike and leg measurement and see if the result comes out anywhere near 100% :lol:

Figures below 100% means the bike would be too small for you, figures above 100% means the bike would be too big for
you. A 5% margin either way probably won't matter and can be fixed with things like putting the saddle back/forward,
stems, crank length and whatever else.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/k5129ydqxhl8o ... c.zip?dl=1

Both the old and new Excel files are included but they both do the exact same thing.

The spreadsheets are protected so you can't accidentally mess up the calculations but you can unprotect
them easily enough - there is no password, just click unprotect in Excel and it will all be editable.


EDIT: Redone because I measured my inside leg too short, first time.

If you have the calc with inside leg at 787mm, delete it and download the latest version above.
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