Removing screw indrop bar end plugs

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Re: Removing screw indrop bar end plugs

Postby simonineaston » 23 Aug 2020, 6:36pm

As a complete aside - a remark not expected to help the OP with his stuck ones nor indeed move the debate on the subject of "free plugs, crappy - plugs-you-buy, better", I can report that I used empty 35mm film canisters to protect the end of my barsNtape while I thought about the whole thing...

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Re: Removing screw indrop bar end plugs

Postby sjs » 23 Aug 2020, 7:16pm

Mick F wrote:Are we discussing internal handlebar diameter here?
Do all plugs come in the same diameter?

Are we saying that some fall out because the internal diameter is too wide?

Never had an issue over all the eons of riding and swapping tape and plugs ........ with them being difficult to remove, or even being too easy to remove or fall out.

Whether cars misting up or bar plugs falling out, your universe is not quite the same as mine. Is it something to do with quantum mechanics?