GF unable to move front derailleur

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Re: GF unable to move front derailleur

Postby slowster » 2 Sep 2020, 12:19pm

Previous generation Shimano 11 speed front derailleurs needed a daft amount of force to get them moving, especially if the cable routing is wrong (there are two clamp positions depending on cable entry angle).

I would try changing the cable clamp to the alternate position. It's unlikely that the bike was supplied with it in the wrong position, but there is nothing to lose by trying. Shimano sell a tool for determining the correct alignment, but there seems little point in buying it in this situation: just try the other position and see if it's any better.

NB From the little that I've read, setting up and adjusting the new 11 speed Shimano front derailleurs is not as straightforward as traditional front derailleurs, so before releasing the front cable to try the alternate cable clamp position, read up first on how to set up and adjust the front derailleur, so that you know what you are doing, e.g. read the relevant Shimano dealer's manual.

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Re: GF unable to move front derailleur

Postby Nigel » 2 Sep 2020, 12:23pm

Cheap options would be bar-end, or a bar-top lever (MTB friction lever shifter), or the old-style stem levers of a 1970's bike - like these (but check stem or steerer diameters - they're generally a lot fatter today than in the past): ... -shifters/

Those would be friction alignment, which is pretty simple for a double front ring. Leave the rear on the STI shifter. Should be possible to do in a tidy, reversible manner, so the STI can go back into use if the bike is sold, with only a lever and gear cable to swap.

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Re: GF unable to move front derailleur

Postby Brucey » 2 Sep 2020, 2:09pm

discount_biscuits wrote:Photo attached, I can move the lever itself and it feels like the force required is what I'd expect.

It looks like you have R2000 components. These include a 'longarm' front mech, which has the problems alluded to above re 11s equipment.

Sometimes you can reduce the force required to start the shift moving by altering the cable mounting in the pinch bolt


I would check for binding cables and/or cable routing in the FD before doing anything else.