Shock absorbing handlebar tape.

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Re: Shock absorbing handlebar tape.

Postby Jdsk » 14 Sep 2020, 5:47pm

I like genuine Grab Ons.


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Re: Shock absorbing handlebar tape.

Postby hufty » 14 Sep 2020, 7:52pm

There's a bit of a knack to getting Grab-ons on over any cables or hydraulic lines but it's very doable. YMMV but I find it's best to have the cables loose rather than taped into place. I thread them through the grip first then work the grip onto the bar and round. It helps if you swear a lot, also soften the grips in a bowl of hot water. Once the grip is in place you can pull the cables back and/or move them round to be where they need to be.

My other Grab-on tip is to wrap them with Spinnaker tape to increase longevity and stop them tearing when you lean the bike against a wall or whatever. 25mm wide spinnaker tape would be ideal but I haven't found any ever so I cut 50mm tape down the middle.

Jonathon Jdsk - are you insinuating that SJSC are selling cheap grips as Grab-Ons? I've bought a few sets from SJSC over the years and have never thought hang on this isn't the genuine article. Maybe drop Robin Thorn an email and ask, and let us know the outcome.
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Re: Shock absorbing handlebar tape.

Postby Jdsk » 14 Sep 2020, 8:21pm

Not at all.

I've previously bought red foam non Grab On things that looked the same but crumbled much quicker.


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Handlebar padding

Postby greyingbeard » 9 Oct 2020, 2:12pm

Some of you put soft foams etc on your handlebars - for comfort.
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Re: Handlebar padding

Postby bikepacker » 9 Oct 2020, 2:34pm

I use foam grips of all my drop bar bikes. although I only use the "Grab Ons" brand. Others I have tried in the past tend to be very flimsy and not last very long. I fit them using WD40 and tip given to me by George Longstaff and I find it better than using soap or washing up liquid.

On my pictures page you will see all the bikes that have these grips.
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Re: Handlebar padding

Postby Paulatic » 9 Oct 2020, 2:42pm

When I used to use padding, in my Audax days, I put them under the bar tape at critical points.
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Re: Handlebar padding

Postby Jdsk » 9 Oct 2020, 2:49pm

Recent discussion, including Grab Ons.


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Re: Handlebar padding

Postby nirakaro » 9 Oct 2020, 3:43pm

I use standard foam bar tape on my drops, but put two lengths on each side, so there's a single layer on the drops, and three layers, making a nice thick cushion, on the tops where my hands are most of the time.

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Re: Handlebar padding

Postby TrevA » 9 Oct 2020, 6:30pm

I double wrap with cork handlebar tape, which provides a bit of extra cushioning. My wife uses Specialized Bar Phat gel pads under her bar tape to also provide extra cushioning.
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