cut-off drop handlebars & bar-end shifters

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cut-off drop handlebars & bar-end shifters

Postby malakoffee » 23 Oct 2004, 10:58am

I have recently inverted my drop handlebars and sawn them off to give that sort of track-bike / time trial type look.

I would like to replace the downtube shifters with bar-end shifters. However the sawn-off ends of the handlebars are on a curve and I suspect that the bar-end shifters need to plug in to a straight run of tubing.

Has anyone encountered this situation before ??
Plan B is Kelly take-offs.

Pedalling Pete

Re:cut-off drop handlebars & bar-end shifters

Postby Pedalling Pete » 23 Oct 2004, 5:34pm

I have used both Campag and Suntour bar-end levers over the years. Both types use an internal expansion system to fix them inside the bars. The initial fit is fairly loose, so some curvature could be OK. Can't say at what point the curvature would be too great, but you could probably do a bit of filing on the inside of the bar end entry point to get a fit (so long as you don't weaken the fitting point too much).
You would need to consider the practicality of up and down changes if the bar end lever is pointing generally forward, as it is designed to point rearwards/downwards, with corresponding frictional resistance to the body weight above. You also need to consider the cable run, which you would want under the bars, not on the top of the bars under your palms, so limiting your option to rotate the bar-ends in the socket. This is not a problem for tri-bar users with bar-end adaptors.
Not sure where your brake levers are going to fit on the modified bars, but you need to access both safely. If you have STI compatible kit, then of course the STI-type brake/gear levers would be ideal for the suggested mods to the bars.


Re:cut-off drop handlebars & bar-end shifters

Postby mel » 24 Oct 2004, 7:54am

I used sawn-off upside down drop bars on my last bike and used standard mountain bike straight bar thumb shifters fitted close to the centre of the handlebars, I had to move my hands over to change gear, but it was easier than reaching down to shift down-tube levers. With bar-ends fitted upside down it means they will be pointing up into the weather and rain ingress may be a problem, could the bars fill up with water? Ergo levers seem to be the way to go, but do they have the facility to be used manually if things go wrong?


Re:cut-off drop handlebars & bar-end shifters

Postby malakoffee » 25 Oct 2004, 11:58am

Thanks for this information. You have effectively steered me towards the Kelly Take-Offs.
I think there are too many uncertainties and complications with going the bar-end route . . . particularly with 7-speed.
In the long run I think it may be less expensive.

I don't think that STI would be too good here as the brake levers are now only about 30 degrees off the horizontal. . . . but tell me if you think different.

Thanks Mal