Mavic Aksium - build quality ?

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Mavic Aksium - build quality ?

Postby hoogerbooger » 16 Sep 2020, 11:18pm

Anyone had problems with these staying true ?

In tracking down a 'tinking' sound from the back wheel I eventually spotted it was out of true with low and uneven tension on the spokes. It's a 2015 Mavic Akisum, but has not done much mileage. The spokes were loose enough that the wheel seems to have been flexi vertically on rotation, causing the 'tinking'. (Spokes must have gradually unwound themselves to the point that one pair of spokes lifted of the rim under compression ?)

I've trued and tightened the spokes up, but was a bit surprised on taking the rim tape off to see a blue, presumably thread-locker on the spoke/nipple end. Must have come with that new ( unless Condor Cycles put it on) I've never used or seen thread locker on standard spoked wheels and have no previous experience with straight-pull spokes. So is such a wheel more prone to spokes slackening up, or is it a case of if it is tensioned correctly, there shouldn't be a problem?

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Re: Mavic Aksium - build quality ?

Postby tim-b » 17 Sep 2020, 7:46am

I've got a pair of 2013 Aksiums, 3-season use only but no problems and I don't remember taking a spoke key to them
I have another lighter pair of wheels (not Mavic, ~1520g pair) and one spoke went totally slack first time out. It had blue gunk on the threads, tightened without issue and hasn't caused a problem since. If the blue gunk is threadlocker then it didn't seem to be doing much when I tightened that spoke
I'm 90kg if that helps

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Re: Mavic Aksium - build quality ?

Postby bgnukem » 17 Sep 2020, 6:28pm

A guy in our club had a set of Aksium disc wheels which made a similar tinkling noise due to loose spokes.

I've a set of non-disc Aksiums from around 2008 and they've been perfect and hardly ever needed spoke tweaking.

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Re: Mavic Aksium - build quality ?

Postby hoogerbooger » 18 Sep 2020, 1:09pm

Noted. This one is an Askium disc. So I'm not the only one then.

I will just have to see how my trueing lasts.

Fingers crossed

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Re: Mavic Aksium - build quality ?

Postby Jamesh » 18 Sep 2020, 1:41pm

I would think braking would put as much stress on a disc wheel as sprinting?

Burcey might know more! But I think that's the case.

Cheers James

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Re: Mavic Aksium - build quality ?

Postby rogerzilla » 18 Sep 2020, 1:51pm

Much more force from braking (with a hub brake). Braking forces from a rim brake are small and relate to differential rim compression in the front and rear halves of the wheel.

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Re: Mavic Aksium - build quality ?

Postby Brucey » 18 Sep 2020, 2:23pm

IIRC an FEA study showed very clearly that the NDS 'leading' spokes would see some of the worst fatigue loadings in a conventional (rim brake) wheel, eg when the lateral loads from climbing were added. These loadings would never be that high in that wheel, but are more likely to be harmful because the tension preload is not always maintained. Fewer spokes = even worse fatigue loadings.

In a disc brake wheel the NDS spokes see the braking loads too. This adds high peak loads to the NDS leading spokes, and also adds the possibility that NDS trailing spokes may go slack during braking.

Furthermore rear disc brake wheels are conventionally built 'skew' (i.e. outside spokes are trailing one side, leading the other). Because the inside spokes ought to be slightly shorter, this means that a particular fault can arise more easily in 'skew' wheels which is that all the 'outside' spokes can have a higher tension than all the 'inside' spokes, especially if the wheel is built using a nipple setting tool. This can lead to the NDS inside, trailing spokes being even more likely to back out than usual.

Almost no 'minimal spoking' wheels are built without threadlock on the spokes. This is normally applied as blue paste to the spokes in the spoke factory. This is clever stuff, but it isn't always sufficiently strong to prevent nipples from backing out.