tacx training app do i need internet?

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tacx training app do i need internet?

Postby jawaka » 6 Nov 2020, 7:09pm

I'm having such a struggle with this, I really would love some help

I used the old tacx cycling app with my vortex trainer, but it was changed to a newer tacx training app.

With the old app i could download the films onto my tablet and cycle in the garage. (I've no interenet there) The android training app doesn't seem to have a download button. I've set it up in the garage and it starts a ride maybe 30 secs but then stops and buffers coming back but then going off again. I wonder if it is picking up a very week signal from the house internet, but not enough to run it properly?

I did an online chat with tacx which was a bit useless as he said he thought it was online, and couldn't tell me for definite. Oh dear .

I wonder if the desktop app is different, but at the moment I can't get the windows 10 app onto my laptop?

Herts Audax
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Re: tacx training app do i need internet?

Postby Herts Audax » 13 Nov 2020, 7:40pm

The old cycling app you can download the films onto the tablet etc. So no Internet needed during actual workout