Sourcing Touring Wheels

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Re: Sourcing Touring Wheels

Postby TrevA » 11 Jan 2021, 9:32am

alexnharvey wrote:Pinging?

A cart horse trapped in the body of a man.

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Re: Sourcing Touring Wheels

Postby simonhill » 11 Jan 2021, 1:19pm

When I get a new wheel (or newly rebuilt) from my LBS, I always run it in before going on tour. I usually run it for about 300 Kms, then take it back so they can give it a quick look over.

Same (ie checking before I go away) goes for any new bits, apart from brake blocks.

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Re: Sourcing Touring Wheels

Postby nsew » 11 Jan 2021, 2:38pm

If you want something doing properly it’s advisable to do it yourself.

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Chris Jeggo
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Re: Sourcing Touring Wheels

Postby Chris Jeggo » 11 Jan 2021, 5:02pm

I've had several pairs of touring wheels from Spa Cycles and they've all been good.

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Re: Sourcing Touring Wheels

Postby Invicta Tourist » 11 Jan 2021, 5:34pm

+1 for Spa Cycles.

When the rim (MA40) wore out on the front wheel, I removed and sent the hub (Campagnolo Tipo) to Spa Cycles to be rebuilt with an Exal LX17 rim. A few months later, I removed the rear hub and again sent it to Spa for a matching LX17 rim. Many years later, both rims are still true and have never needed adjusting. I have completed many thousands of miles since that time, including multi day cycle camping.

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Re: Sourcing Touring Wheels

Postby bgnukem » 12 Jan 2021, 3:20pm

Also not had a problem with Spa wheels, unlike some of the other items I've purchased from them over the years(!) They even sent me a pair to NZ when I was living over there.

The Exal rims are plain but seem as good as any other rims out there at the moment - i.e. all have thin braking surfaces ~1.4mm.