Dynamo headlamps on cars?

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Dynamo headlamps on cars?

Postby AHB » 30 Oct 2004, 1:19pm

One morning I noticed that my dynamo headlamp lit the reflectors on parked cars further than dipped headlamps would:

would it be useful for cars to have low power but undipped lamps simply to illuminate reflectors sooner (without causing dazzle)?

would using two dynamo lamps (in series) on your car be legal?


Re:Dynamo headlamps on cars?

Postby CJ » 1 Nov 2004, 12:58pm

In that case your bike lamp must be aimed higher than the dipped headlights on your car, so maybe the latter need adjusting. (When you drive with no people or luggage in the back, their aim may well be a bit low.)

Or if you're comparing with how the headlamps on other vehicles seem to be reflecting to you, those will always look poor, since the key factor with reflectors is the smallness of the angle between the outward and returning ray of light. If the source is on a different vehicle then that angle will usually be too big for much reflection.

It follows that a small but well-aimed lamp, attached to the top of the windscreen as close as possible to the driver's eye-line, would indeed work really well. But it almost certainly would also be illegal.