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Neck warmer

Postby jeb » 4 Nov 2004, 11:18am

I suffer from a stiff neck form the cold when cycling in winter. At the moment I treat this by wearing a windproof neck scarf (by pearl izumi), a windproof high collar gill cycliing jacket and a smidge of deep heat. However I was wondering if anyone had suggestions as to an even warmer combination. I have previosuly met a cyclist who had electric socks (powered bya 12 v battery). Might there be something similar for my neck?



Pedalling Pete

Re:Neck warmer

Postby Pedalling Pete » 4 Nov 2004, 10:38pm

You might like to try my Brother in Law's natural thermal angora wool product at

When the temperature drops below freezing I find it invaluable, and when you warm up, just pull it off over the head. Jet (black) should be a good colour.