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boys road bike

Posted: 10 Nov 2004, 7:12pm
by gary
can any one give me suggestions based on experience of buying a road bike for a 11 year old boy 5' tall and 28" inside leg.
budget 250-350

thanks in advance

Re:boys road bike

Posted: 14 Nov 2004, 5:21pm
by Kevin
I fuond it very difficult to get what we might call a road bike until my son was able to get on a bike with 700C wheels, anything below that was basically an MTB with really heavy 24 inch wheels.

At about 5 ft you are coming into the sizes now for very compact road frames built for spanish professionals or women using MTB geometry but lighter materials. It can be a bit hit and miss at this end of the size range especially as body sizes can change a lot at that age but I would stongly advise you to go to a reputable bike shop and see if he can get onto the very bottom of the size ranges in the shop. You'll need a good shop, because you need to persuade them to push saddles & bars right down or try short lengths, and one that has the stock.

At ths time of year you might just get and end of season bike at a silly price, but really you are only trying the sizes. Once you know he can handle something with 700C wheels then you search internet & small ads, especially CTC, Cycling Weekly, Cycling Plus for similar frame size. You are right on the bottom of the price point for a lightweight, you are really looking for a clone.

These compacts are quite trendy too, so he'll feel good on it and not have to lumber round a tank of a bike.

Good luck!

Re:boys road bike

Posted: 19 Nov 2004, 9:15pm
by gary
thanks for that info yes he does seem to be just too small for a 700c wheeled bike. ill keep my eyes open and hope he has a growth spurt soon. he wants to come out with me in the spring.

Re:boys road bike

Posted: 28 Nov 2004, 5:21pm
by Theo
The Giant compact road frames seem to be popular with young cyclists in my neck of the woods. The smallest TCR/OCR frame is very small and you do get a lot of growing room with them.

Re:boys road bike

Posted: 14 Dec 2004, 3:43pm
by Stevek
I just got a small road frame in (18 or19" perhaps - I will check later) and could either build you something up or supply used parts from a wide selection - probably including 24" wheels and narrow drop bars.

Steve Kean "Back-2-Bikes" project, Stafford.