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TravelAgent as roller incompat with ServoWave?

Posted: 12 Nov 2004, 11:56am
by AHB
I bought a Travel agent to use in roller mode(no cable travel doubling) ie as a very smooth V-brake noodle replacement.
However, I have Shimano DeoreLX ServoWave levers (the ones with H-M-L setting) and the instructions claimed the travel agent was incompatible with these in any mode.
But if its just being used as a roller how can it be different from a noodle/pipe (other than making brakes work better)?

Re:TravelAgent as roller incompat with ServoWave?

Posted: 15 Nov 2004, 9:32am
by CJ
No logical reason not to use it as a simple roller. I guess they are discouraging stupid ideas of getting something for nothing by setting the lever for max leverage and then using the agent to restore proper travel.