Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

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Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

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Re: Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

Postby pq » 2 Mar 2009, 3:25pm

Most of this misses the point entirely - and that's because this bike isn't aimed at the people who are likely to read this forum.

There's a growing market for road bikes for people who are primarily mountainbikers. Mountainbikers commonly believe that any bike without disk brakes is lethal, that mudguards are pointless and that anything under 30lbs is light. They're also happy to ride with a bag on their backs because they're accustomed to camelbacks.

So, it's easy to pick holes in this bike and I wouldn't buy one. But if you're trying to make money from selling bikes it makes a lot of sense.
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Re: Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

Postby Rolfie » 15 Mar 2009, 12:13am

it doesn't surprise me that it's a best-seller. All this talk about saddle, disc brakes making it illegal for races, mudguards etc . .
1) a saddle is always a personal thing
2) discs are only 'illegal' if you are racing UCI sanctioned events. Anybody who's riding these is likely to have a standard cross bike (or 2) for racing.
3) though the bike clearly has the braze-ons for guards, it's interesting to note that you say "add guards / 28c tyres". Are you saying that you can't use standard 35mm tyres with guards? Though possibly a tight fit, I'd hope it is possible (certainly works on my son's Islabikes "cross" bike).

Otherwise the bike looks perfect as a winter bike/commuter to me. Discs obviously add weight, but not really an issue. I'd be interested to know though how 520 steel compares to 531, 653 etc in terms of weight

Just a shame that there's no dealer in Dorset stocking the bike, so can't try for size.

james-o wrote:I guess some here may be suprised if i said this has been our fastest-selling bike this year...

It's simply a steel 'cross bike that probably won't get raced (there are plenty of race bikes already out there) and the discs add to the useability in winter. I use mine for long road rides with bridleways and a bit of singletrack to keep the interest up on winter rides, and then add guards / 28c tyres for summer commutes.

It's one you either get, or not, and those that do seem to see something not many brands offer. We designed it 'cos it's the type of bike we ride ourselves )

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Re: Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

Postby markhr » 16 Mar 2009, 1:58pm

Brilliant, of course.

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Re: Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

Postby p_nevilleuk » 12 May 2009, 2:04pm

I have one of these and I think it is brilliant. It has everything that I wanted and nearly had to custom build (using Surly frame) including:

1) Steel frame (Reynolds 520)
2) Disc brakes
3) Carbon fork
4) Wide clearance for different tyres
5) Decent shimano 105 group set

I use it for exploring Dartmoor (mostly road use) and training for future competition. There isn't anyhting I want to change until it wears out. This will start with the tyres as I don't need as much tread as the Speed kings have.

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Re: Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

Postby Rolfie » 13 May 2009, 8:49pm

All you who have managed to get hold of the Croix de Fer are lucky.
My LBS has told me that Genesis have practically no stock left, and when they do, prices are likely to increase by around 25%!.

Any comments from Genesis Bikes?

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Re: Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

Postby pioneer » 14 May 2009, 7:52am

Perhaps this style of bike has really taken off after all? (Despite my cynical thoughts about them being no more than the current big-thing and marketing scam).

But all bike prices seem to be rocketing up. Funny isn't it,car prices are falling (they can't give them away) and bike prices are going up.Hmmm...

So,saving the planet and being green' (though a lot of us have been doing our own bit for years!), is costing us more.
Hey ho,I'd still rather be on a bike than stuck in a car. :)

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Re: Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

Postby glueman » 14 May 2009, 11:22am

There's more eclecticism in bikes and the people who ride them now than before. Last weekend I saw a group containing a lady of a certain age riding what looked like yon Genesis and a young chap on a restored 60s steel Viking. Choice, judgement, caprice? All good.

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Re: Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

Postby Animal » 7 Jul 2009, 3:22pm

It's a great bike for commuting.

Mine came with a pannier rack and 35mm knobblies and still had HUGE clearance to the mudguards. The knobblies were quickly replaced with 25mm Armadillos.

It's a fast commuter, the brakes are progressive and reliable in all conditions. And they don't wear your rims out!

Anyone know exactly what model replacement disc pads to order from Wiggle?


Re: Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

Postby workhard » 7 Jul 2009, 5:15pm

I looked long and hard at buying one with this years voucher. Looks to me like a real 'go anywhere' bike but heart won over head and voucher is going on an HT MTB.

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Re: Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

Postby Diamondfourbyfour » 20 Aug 2009, 4:47pm

Guys - some of you seem to be missing the point on this wonderous concept - I honestly dont know why I didnt go down this road years ago instead of doing the dodgy deed of buying a commuter bike......

Road Racing is where the heart is first and foremost - speed, speed...more speed - but biking to and from the gym, work etc isnt exactly the same is it? Come on? You telling me you dont choose your routes on those precious 23c tyres? Am I alone in noticing the ever worsening state of UK roads? We can engineer all kinds of things, marvellous advances in science and when we fill in potholes they only seem to make a marginal improvement?

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Re: Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

Postby Chris.City » 8 Sep 2009, 7:20pm

Bought my beloved Croix on a bike to work scheme and it replaced my Spesh Tricross. What can I say? It is an amazing bike. I use it for both long weekend rides and commuting, the disc brakes are a joy and I just know I am going to stop whatever the weather. I changed the tyres to Armadillo 28's, ( as a commuter the last thing you want is a puncture at 05:30 ), and easily fitted my old SKS mudguards. The spec on the bike is amazing and the 105 groupset allows excellent indexing and power transfer. At £999, I just don't know how they did it, compared to other bikes where you pay for the name, this bike is a true value and quality.

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Re: Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

Postby yoeddynz » 22 Oct 2009, 7:19pm

I've had mine about 8 months after owning a surly cross check. I ride alot of winter miles and a lot off road and got sick of constantly readjusting my brakes as they wore. And brake chatter on the front. I work in a bike shop and we sell genesis bikes so i couldn't help it...
Its fantastic. Its almost the perfect do every thing bike. It does take guards easily. I have a rear rack but has to be a disc clearing one- a nice tortec one. The frame is heavy 520 but 2010 gets 725 with a downgrade in parts to keep it at 999. I swapped the compact for a triple so it can do proper mtb climbs. Fork is great. Brakes are fantastic- i have not had to touch then but for winding in 'pistons' slightly as pads wear. No more mucky worn out rims!
I'm going back to nz and taking it with me - but gonna upgrade frame to new one as the 520 is a touch harsh .
Salsa do a 'la cruz' but its quite a bit more costly.
The crud guard mounts are a nice touch too. And i find the supplied saddle actually very comfy but thats personal taste for sure.

Will never replace my mtb or my race bike- but its now what i do the biggest mileage on!


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Re: Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

Postby reohn2 » 23 Oct 2009, 8:43pm

I've been looking at the spec of the 2010 Croix de Fer,the Renolds 725 frame and CroMo fork are certainly a step in the right direction,the Tiagra gruppo is not too much of a compromise either,the only achilles heel(s) are the compact c/set (a triple option would be great!) and the tyres (which as its a cross bike I can understand).If I were about to buy a winter/do all/commuter bike this thang with 'guards and a rack would need a good coat of staring at :shock:

PS The colour is a bit of a let down though.
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Re: Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

Postby hubgearfreak » 23 Oct 2009, 9:53pm

it's an interesting thread in that it's brought a lot of new members in. how many of them work at that company or are their retailers is anyone's guess.
either you're all happy customers or happy salesmen, either way, welcome all :D

i'd make a few comments about the above....

1. mick - 23mm for commuting? no thanks :shock:
2. disc brakes may weigh more. however, i doubt the difference is more than a sandwich (to quote si)
3. R2, the point of discs not wearing the rims is significant. every week we get a new thread about rim indicators or a tyre bursting the rim. i also love drums and coasters; IMHO rim brakes are aesthetically wrong, as the grinding paste created makes a mess of what's left of the rim as well as the tyre
4. R2, i agree - personally, i too would prefer steel forks, especially as they need a calliper mounting

as stewart, glueman and R2 say i'm happy to see more biked deigns, and i think pq's described the situation best; if it gets people out of their 4x4s driving to snowdonia to cycle and actually onto the roads for a spot of city riding, it's got to be good even if you don't like the design.
personally, (like many others) i wouldn't have one, i could assemble a cotic road rat or bob jackson world tour with handbuilt (by me) wheels and my choice of gears, saddle, bars for less money 8)

oh, and chris, welcome to the forum 8) - i'm intrigued to know what you mean by excellent power transfer?

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Re: Genesis Croix de Fer - Brilliant or bonkers?

Postby glueman » 24 Oct 2009, 8:54am

Oddly enough, the night before this thread was revived I was looking at the EBC catalogue in the er, bathroom and contemplating what a good bike the firey cross was. If it were Fairy Cross it would be even better with Richard Dadd transfers.
There's talk of Dame Glue's workplace offering the Cyclescheme and if Genesis did it in a sufficiently diminutive size, I would recommend it to her.

For a reactionary old Luddite I've become quite sold on discs, especially for avoiding suicidal pedestrians in built up areas and it offers the chance to use really fat lightweight tyres (if you can find any). As practical a ride to work bike as exists I reckon.