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Kelly Takeoff

Postby gerry » 24 Nov 2004, 7:17pm

I read in the information on the CTC Shop site that braze-on gear levers are required for use with Kelly Takeoff mounts. Do band-on levers really not work with Kelly Take-offs? If not, why not?


Re:Kelly Takeoff

Postby CJ » 26 Nov 2004, 1:43pm

It depends. Recent designs of band-on levers replicate a standard braze-on boss upon the band. In that case the levers obviously can be removed from the band and fitted to any other standard boss – for example on the Kelly Takeoff mounts.

That boss became standardized quite recently in bicycle history. Prior to that each manufacturer had their own ways of fitting levers onto frames or bands. Some even used different ways at different times and on different models. Campag's way wasn't actually the best, but Campag's hold over the roadbike market ensured it became standard anyhow. So any old Campag band-on levers should fit okay, but a lot of older (non indexed) band-on levers will not fit anything other than their own special band.