Cycle repair stands

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Cycle repair stands

Postby 3T » 3 Mar 2009, 5:44pm

I feel sure this must have been asked in the past however after carrying out a search I cannot find any mention.

After more years than I care to remember of making do with mediocre cycle repair stands, interspaced with boxes, rope, trestles, frame supports, and sky hooks I have decided to buy a more suitable cycle repair stand. What I need is a stand such as what are used in cycle repair shops, to support a bike with both wheels off the ground which are free to rotate. I would love to have from Kestrel Engineering, a Model E, it is a big lump of excellent repair stand but at a price I would find difficult to justify. Can any members recommend a repair stand they have bought recently, or is still in production.

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Re: Cycle repair stands

Postby diapason » 3 Mar 2009, 6:25pm

I've got a Minoura. Not sure of the model, but it's strong, pretty stable, and can swivel the bike through 180 degrees. I think you can buy them for under £100.

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Re: Cycle repair stands

Postby random37 » 3 Mar 2009, 6:50pm

Mine is a Cinelli. £35 from a wanred ad here. Rubbish for mountain bikes with fat tubes though.

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Re: Cycle repair stands

Postby resus1uk » 3 Mar 2009, 8:14pm

Revolution stand was on offer last year from Edinburgh . Good size & solidly clamps bikes with both wheels off the floor

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Re: Cycle repair stands

Postby invisiblemonsters » 3 Mar 2009, 8:51pm

I got this Spin Doctor Deluxe stand last year and it's been great so far. Once initially assembled it's very easy to fold down and set up, and has a good range of heights and angles.

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Re: Cycle repair stands

Postby fausto copy » 3 Mar 2009, 10:30pm

I treated myself to the Revolution stand from edinburgh bicycle co-op just before Christmas.
It was on offer at £50 instead of £80, I think.
Can recommend it. Chunky frame, with quick-release type adjustments (make sure you do them up tight) and wide opening jaws for any type of bike.
Have even managed to hold my tandem up whilst working on it, but not with both wheels in the air!

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Re: Cycle repair stands

Postby kevinn123 » 4 Mar 2009, 1:26pm

+ 1 for the Spin Doctor Deluxe

- easy to use - and folds easily so can be tucked away.

got it cheaper than the current price - seems if you wait long enough Wiggle will eventually drop the price for a week or two.

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Re: Cycle repair stands

Postby georgew » 4 Mar 2009, 7:39pm

I have the Kestrel stand in my own workshop but we also use them in our Bike Charity workshop also and I don't think that you can do better. That said the "Revolution" one as mentioned is fine for home use and I believe it's really a "Union" stand but sold under different names.