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Postby tee-ell » 29 Nov 2004, 4:14pm

Anyone familiar with or using one of these devices to oil their drive train, I am curious to here some feedback on their performance and reliability.


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Postby Chris » 1 Dec 2004, 8:36pm

These are primarily made for motorcycles, as the amoutn of oil it gives out whilst riding is found from the carbs or fuel injectors on a motorbike. I haven't seen these for a push bike, but would be interested in seeing them. Personally i think they're a lot of money, and add weight to the bike, and probably more hassel than they are worth.

Simon Simpson

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Postby Simon Simpson » 1 Dec 2004, 11:13pm

I use one of these smart little devices.... I have a 20 mile round trip daily commute 5 days a week and a 50 or so mile training run at the weekend....

Cassette wear is quite possibly less

I've been using it on my touring bike since the onset of the Autumn rain (October) and I thoroughly recommend it... there's something extremely satisfying about reaching down and squirting oil on your chain during a downpour...

There's still a residue but not quite as noxious as gt85 / Finish Line cross country lube etc......

I've fitted the reservoir and 'squid' pump both behind the seat tube and trail the wire down the seat's relatively un obtrusive on a fully racked and kitted out winter commuter

I'm looking forward to fitting another to my road bike come next May when the salt is off the roads.

I think they cost about £25 -30... I was given mine to trial by ex-Motorola pro Brian Smith who is a great fan and does some promotional work for them. He also gave them to several time trialling club mates who use them all year round on their 'trainers': these guys do 19 minute 10 milers and even their training bikes have Dura Ace and Carbon bits all over

Graeme Obree is using one for the efficiency aspect according to local lore

I think it is prettty good .

If you can't get one locally try Alistair Gow @ Wheelcraft Clachan of Campsie Lennoxtown Glasgow


Simon Simpson Johnstone Wheelers / Glasgow CTC

P.S. The best buy of the season has to be the Ultegra Dynohub: see earlier posts


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Postby Chris » 2 Dec 2004, 8:23pm

You wouldn't mind giving me a link of somewhere showing information for it. I'm quote interested in the concept of a scot-oilerfor a bicycle

Simon Simpson

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Postby Simon Simpson » 2 Dec 2004, 9:52pm

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