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Postby CJ » 7 Dec 2004, 4:19pm

Dear Chris

Wiggle may be a very fine supplier of cycling goods (I've even bought the odd thing there myself) but please could you restrict your enthusiasm for this retailer to those cases where they genuinely offer something different or cheaper?

Any more blatant plugs and I'll be asking the webmaster to see if he can't feed "Wiggle" to our all-consuming profanosaurus! (There is, after all, something a little suggestive about the word!)



Postby avalanche » 18 Dec 2004, 9:01pm


How do folk posting to the CTC boards know which companies they are permitted (or not) to mention? Wiggle advertises quite extensively in the CTC magazine so I am surprised that they have been singled out here as someone we are not to get publicly enthusiastic about.

I've noticed that there are postings on the boards which mention other companies. However I am not quite clear how one knows which company names we can post. Can you advise please?



Postby CJ » 20 Dec 2004, 3:09pm

So far as I know you are permitted to mention or indeed to recommend ANY firm wherever appropriate, including Wiggle.

All I intended was a lighthearted "shot across the bows", in what appeared to me to be a case of blatant plugging.

I am not the webmaster, but I know a man who is; and so far as I know there are no trade-name prohibitions in place - not yet.



Postby Chris » 20 Dec 2004, 7:26pm

If I am not mistaken, that must be the largest plug for the word I am not allowed to mention now. As for the word censoring thing, they don't really work, well they work for the exact word, but anybody can replace a i for an 1! But i may have over plugged it I agree, but I should be allowed to mention it, in conjunction with all the other websites that are gettin plugged. My apologies.