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Re: Audax Bikes

Postby reohn2 » 19 Aug 2009, 6:42pm

mattheus wrote:
..........- I'm amazed that 'roadie' types (99% of whom NEVER race) don't buy an "Audax" bike instead of their close-clearance, limited-luggage wannabe racer machines. The flexibilty of tourers works the other way. Take an audax bike, leave off the guards and rack, buy some cheap skinny wheels-n-tyres (or just the tyres) and you have a machine that would probably go OK in all but the highest level racing. A few more mudguards would make winter club-runs a more pleasant affair, and keep a few cafe owners happy. These bikes would then make great commuters, credit-card tourers, etc.

- Errr... I think everything else has been said!


I agree,I own a Thorn Audax Mk3 with Ultegra Gruppo,s/light triple c/set, DCR ST touring rims,and a Dawes 531st Horizon with XT kit on and Sputnik rims.
The Thorn runs rings around the Dawes for "lightweight" touring/day riding but if I load the Dawes upto capacity it will beat the Thorn hands down with the same weight on,as thats what it was designed for.
An Audax/lightouring bike is just that, a little lighter alround(mainly frame tubes but with similar angles as a full on tourer ie not as steep as a race bike and lighter wheels)because its made to carry light weights.
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Re: Audax Bikes

Postby ransos » 24 Aug 2009, 3:21pm

My Thorn Audax suits me perfectly. With 28mm tyres, guards & rack and 2 medium panniers, it's perfect for light-touring. Stripped down and with 23mm slicks, it's more than fast enough for club runs and long-distance road events.

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Re: Audax Bikes

Postby random37 » 24 Aug 2009, 3:40pm

Pross wrote:My old bike isn't that old, it's a 1991 Ribble 653 with Ultegra components. My other option is to use that for the training, sportifs and my mini touring if I can fit a pannier but the gearing is limited with it being 14 speed and the frame clearance won't allow for the modern 9 or 10 speed groupsets. If I did this I could then treat myself to a new race bike but having looked at the Trek 1.2 it looks fine for racing and the triple chainring option would be good for light touring. I'm going to have a nose at one in the shop tomorrow if I get a chance.

Willem is absolutely correct, you could not get a better bike than the one you have already at the same price. Have the Ribble refinished and the rear triangle respaced for a wider hub, and you can fit new components if the mood takes you.