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Re: Studded tyres?

Posted: 5 Oct 2010, 9:34pm
by fenderbender
Nice pic! Look like a great winter bike!


Posted: 25 Feb 2012, 5:34pm
by gregoryoftours
I've picked up a pair of Schwalbe Snow studs second hand cheaply, but I also have a Diy job that works 'better' - more grip, but much more noisy and heavy, and doesn't like turning (steering) as much. It's quite an interesting project to make your own if you can be bothered and have the time

Get a tyre with chunky grip where you can insert large flange - headed self tapping drywall screws (screwfix or toolstation) from inside out. Don't mount them on the central tread but off to the side a bit. use an awl rather than a drill as it doesn't destroy the threads in the tyre structure. Then you need a tough liner to stop the heads puncturing the inner tube. I cut up an old tubeless road tyre and used that. Lastly nip off the excess screw on the outside of the tyre with some bolt cutters- it's surprising how little you need - a couple of mm.

Mine is very heavy and steers like a tank! This is due to both the weight and because I've left the studs a little long (maybe 3mm). On the upside the grip is phenomenal.