Lets make new lighting regulations

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Lets make new lighting regulations

Postby Steve » 27 Jan 2005, 5:34pm

This is an initial step, but from little acorns....

Is anyone interested in thrashing out a specification for front and rear bike lights that would improve on BS6102?

It is a bit of an academic exercise right now, but the current BS is still (afaik) not adopted as law, so maybe it could be modified, and the result made law.

My thoughts are that the BS specs are based on what was made, and what was possible, years ago. And that a thorough technically-based re-think might come up with something better.

Perhaps something based on car lighting regs.

A problem I see, for example, is that BS6102 calls for the rear light to be measured at several point horizontally, without specifying a minimum intensity between the points - leading to lamps which essentially produce three beams, one straight back and one at an angle either side - but little in between.

And the rear light requirements result in lamps far less bright than car rear lights at a time when LEDs allow us to make lights easily as bright.

And the front light intensity-above-the-horizontal limit is, afaik, more stringent for bicycles than for cars.


Steve occasional-light-maker B