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The Wheel Reinvented - Sram Apex (Sportive) Groupset

Postby robwa10 » 1 Mar 2010, 8:28pm

As I was looking through some of the cycling mags on the newstand I spotted an article about this new groupset in one. ... upset.html
Incidentally not this one.

But anyways as I read through I couldn't help but chuckle. The author hailed it as being wonderful for allowing access to much lower gearing without going to a triple. I understand that this is sold as a complete groupset which means you don't have to source different parts from across different ranges. You would have thought from the article that no one had ever thought of putting a compact chainset and a large cassette together. I know of at least two people who have bikes with a compact and a 11-32 cassette. I was once again reminded why I canceled my subscription to a well know magazine.

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Re: The Wheel Reinvented - Sram Apex (Sportive) Groupset

Postby Big T » 1 Mar 2010, 8:52pm

Ah, yes - the wonderful Sportive Weekly. I did actually buy this week's as my son appears in the British Team round up (Stephen Adams - Sigmasport - he inherited his fearsome sprint from me :D ).

Amongst this week's gems are 3 different ways to corner?

I did actually quite enjoy reading the piece on the Etape Caledonia, with all the riders rendered immobile by a few carpet tacks and then having to take a shortcut back to the start. Did they get a refund on their £35 entry fee?
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