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Postby raymanh » 23 Mar 2010, 8:08pm


I have a Specialized Globe Vienna 3 09, and I don't know what rear pannier rack would fit it? I assumed all would fit, until I read somewhere that the axiom Journey rack wouldn't fit, so I don't want to get a rack and find that it doesn't fit.

Secondly, I am doing JOGLE this summer and I will be camping (there are 3 of us each with a tent)- do I need a front pannier and bag as well (I do have front mounts on my bike for it), or will just one of those big rear pannier bags with 2 compartments on either side and one across the top be enough to hold everything (we wont travel heavy- just enough to see us through)?

Thirdly, my bike only has one hole on each side of the frame near the drop outs and I need to mount both the pannier rack and a mudguard, so how do I do this with one hole? I have seen it done before, but I couldn't see how it was done (because the person was riding away).

Thanks in advance for all you're help.

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Re: Panniers

Postby Velorum » 23 Mar 2010, 8:16pm

My first three touring bikes had only one eye on the rear dropout (and these were expensive ones!) the mudguard stays and rear rack were fitted to these eyes using a good quality stainless steel bolt with nyloc nut. The bolts needed to be long enough to accomodate the stays and carrier mounts. Despite some very heavy loads I never suffered any problems with this set up.

Good luck with the trip!

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Re: Panniers

Postby julk » 23 Mar 2010, 10:36pm

Some rear racks, eg Tubus, have a hole each side for the mudguard stays to fasten to.

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Re: Panniers

Postby goatwarden » 23 Mar 2010, 10:46pm

Firstly I would suggest you get one big cheap tent and share the weight between the three of you. That will save loads of weight and give a much more convivial atmosphere. Years ago I bought a Litchfield Viper 3 for £50 for doing walking events; it was a bargain, could sleep 3 comfortably and considerably reduced our team pack weight.

I sincerely hope, even if you persist in having individual tents, you have no need forfront panniers. When I was even younger I used to tour alone with a pair of Carradice Kendal panniers and tent on the rack top comfortably. I recon with the improved kit available today I could carry half the weight and probably two thirds of the bulk and still be better equipped.

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Re: Panniers

Postby phil parker » 24 Mar 2010, 3:27pm

For cycle-camping - I use two Ortlieb panniers (on a Tubus rack) and a handlebar bag for some of the heavier stuff, spares, tools etc. just to help the balance, with the tent on the top of the rack. A total of 47 litres capacity (although the panniers aren't full), which caters for sleeping bag, sleeping mat as wel as all other essentials and including the weight of the bags and tent is about 14kg in total.