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Mick F
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Re: Bike Locks

Postby Mick F » 13 Apr 2010, 6:52am

Yes, but the point I was making is that SB cherished his FRAME, it was a 1916 vintage item.

If it were mine, I'd have at least have laced the lock between the chainstays as well as the rear wheel.
Mick F. Cornwall

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Re: Bike Locks

Postby belgiangoth » 13 Apr 2010, 9:35pm

irc wrote:Sadly, even the Great Man wasn't always right. This locking method came up on CGOAB and someone tried hacksawing through a rear rim. -- 15 seconds.

Heresy surely!
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Re: Bike Locks

Postby millimole » 14 Apr 2010, 3:02pm

My approach is always to use two locks, each of a different type.
All my current machines (except my beloved Hetchins) have a 'nurse' ring lock on them - which is (hopefully) sufficiently unusual in the UK to make theives at least think twice. My latest acquisition has a AXA Basta Defender lock which I've seen stated as 'Silver secure' but has the advantage of having a 'plug in' chain for additional detterent value.
I wouldn't use one of these on their own - particularly on a desirable bike / in a dodgy area - but for a quick shop-stop, it's fine as it stands, and is ideal as a secondary deterent.

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Re: Bike Locks

Postby gilesjuk » 14 Apr 2010, 3:17pm

That lock is a modern take on a very old classic lock design:

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Re: Bike Locks

Postby Winkeladvokat » 18 Apr 2010, 2:01pm

People are using audiable disc locks in London to good effect:

Looks perfect for camping trips. As regards main security, basically any cable lock can be bolt-cropped in a matter of seconds. These are the worst kind of locks. I always use my chunky D-lock as quite often the only means of security - these need a reasonably decent time with an angle grinder to remove, if locked correctly (e.g. no bottle-jack space). This will be loud. So, a combo of disc lock and small d-lock (e.g. kyrpto evo mini) is possibly the best all round compromise for a trip.

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Re: Bike Locks

Postby Winkeladvokat » 18 Apr 2010, 2:04pm

PS Sheldon's method categorically doesn't work. There's a video on youtube of someone making light work of getting through the rear rim, and I've seen photos posted of someone who "had a go"... the bike remained attached to it's anchor but the whole thing was a write-off, given the abuse dealt out to the rear-wheel and frame trying to get the D through the rear triangle. If a thief tries and fails, it doesn't cost him anything!

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Re: Bike Locks

Postby dewi1 » 18 Apr 2010, 5:51pm

Lidl used to seel cheap coil combination locks for about £2 which were brilliant for general use - not sure how they would cope with the serious theif mind - but the coil still keeps its shape after several years and the only complaint I have is that the number are rubbing off.

Bought one for my lad from Argos for about £7. Total rubbish. After a few eeeks, coioil shape ia ll over hte place. I like to hang them on my bars as I ride for convenience, can't do it with these.

Haven't seen the Lidl ones for a while do they stioll do them? Does anyone esle do a decent one - main issue for me is that the coil springs back and keeps doing so

cheers Taffy

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Re: Bike Locks

Postby Erudin » 27 Apr 2010, 2:24am

Winkeladvokat wrote:People are using audiable disc locks in London to good effect:


I saw that thread a while back and got a Xena disc lock last autumn to use on my commute/beater bike, it works well on single-chainring bikes and survived the winter weather with just one change of batteries, and a spray with GT85 after rain.

The Xena Bullet u-locks/shackle locks are also good, I use one with a chain for locking my bikes in the garage, they come in different sizes and can be used with the alarm function switched off if you want.