Fitting low rider pannier on suspension forks

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Fitting low rider pannier on suspension forks

Postby Jonathan » 3 Feb 2005, 11:17am

I want to use a low rider pannier rack on suspension mountain bike forks. It's the type that joins around the front of the wheel and is designed to clamp around touring bike forks and fasten to eyelets on the fork ends. The mountain bike forks obviously aren't designed for this as they are too fat and don't have eyelets!

Any ideas please - or is it impossible or too dangerous?


Re:Fitting low rider pannier on suspension forks

Postby CJ » 3 Feb 2005, 4:05pm

Don't even try to fit a front rack if your fork isn't properly designed for it. The consequences of a pannier in the front wheel can be immediate and fatal.

However there one special pannier system, the Carradice Limpet (which needs no rack), and one special rack, the Tubus Swing, that will do this job. I recommend the latter since it fixes to the top of the fork so the panniers are suspended. That makes them a bit higher than low-load, but they're still pretty much centred about the steering axis so there's not too much wheel flop effect and anyway you don't want panniers too low off-road else they wedge in ruts.

You don't really want to add your panniers to the unsuspended mass, since that degrades the performance of the suspension and rattles their contents even worse than if you ride the same trail on a bike with no suspension other than its tyres. But there is a line of racks, Old Man Mountain (also sold by Carradice), that does exactly that.