Ladies Audax

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Pink Lady

Ladies Audax

Postby Pink Lady » 4 Feb 2005, 11:58am

I have been to Roberts in Croydon and love their Audax bike. The only thing that puts me off is the price tag, about £1600. What I want to know is does anyone make a ladies Audax type bike that I can buy off the peg for about £800. I would like the bike for rides of 30 to 50 miles and possibly some credit card touring. I currently ride a Marin Hybrid bike which is quite comfortable but it is very heavy.I would be grateful for any comments


Re:Ladies Audax

Postby CJ » 4 Feb 2005, 1:20pm

Unfortunately this style of bike is too specialist to be mass produced. It's only recently that nice road (racing) bikes have been mass-produced in women's sizes. Some have low enough gears for a bit of touring, but lack the clearances for a proper mudguard even if they have the fittings.

I'm sure most of the people who buy those bikes wouldn't mid a bit more fresh air around the tyres and a few extra braze-ons, but it just aint part of the image!

So custom-built is the only way to go, and only the best (most expensive) custom builders have the design expertise to cater optimally for women.

Pink Lady

Re:Ladies Audax

Postby Pink Lady » 4 Feb 2005, 3:08pm

Thank-you CJ for your response. Is there anywhere else that I should look first or shall I just go to Roberts in Croydon. I am based in East Sussex so it is certainly convenient for me to go there.


Re:Ladies Audax

Postby PH » 5 Feb 2005, 10:23am

If you want the best, you’ll have to pay Roberts type prices, which are comparable to others of the same quality, Longstaff and Mercian come to mind.
If you want a great bike that doesn’t have to be the best, there’s a lot more options, though I don’t know of any in the SE.
Thorn bikes represent good value. They don’t make any women specific bikes, but the range of sizes and the options for short or long top tubes, makes it unlikely they couldn’t get a perfect fit. Give them a ring, ask to speak to Robin Thorn and you’ll get good advice without the hard sell.
Other framebuilders who could do you a custom fit, at a good price, include; Bob Jackson, Paul Hewitt, Dave Yates, Brian Rouke. Have a Google to see what’s available, all would involve traveling, but the savings might be worth it.

Lesley E

Re:Ladies Audax

Postby Lesley E » 5 Feb 2005, 10:15pm

I'd recommend thorn. My brevet is fantastic and within your price range. I got the size wrong (took my boyfriends advice) and soon found out that it wasnt comfy. Took it to thorn who measured me properly and swaped it for the right size at no cost. I have had it three years and couldn't want a better bike however much money I had.

Mr D

Re:Ladies Audax

Postby Mr D » 6 Feb 2005, 5:38pm

I don't know if you have considered a used bike but I think my Cannondale might fit the bill. Is currently fitted with 25mm Contintental Ultragators and SKS guards.
Its a small sized semi compact with a shortish top tube. I'm approx 5'6. Check out my ad in the For sale section and think how you could spend the money you've saved.