Front rack on Raleigh Royal

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Front rack on Raleigh Royal

Postby BenjaminRoome » 14 May 2010, 5:44pm

This is my first post I hope everything is okay with it!

I bought a new Raleigh Royal in March, 22" frame with the intention of touring between May and September. It's the first bike I've ever bought new and for a cheap tourer I think it's of a decent quality.
The problems arose mid-April. I have a rear rack carrying a lot of weight and I thought it would be best to get a front rack and panniers to even out the weight a little. With a brand new touring bike I assumed everything would be fine but I was mistaken.

I've tried a Blackburn lowrider and a Blackburn platform rack and neither fit; the bosses are too low by quite a bit! If any rack should fit a Raleigh bike I assumed an Avenir rack would as they supply Raleigh with a lot of accessories and it's the only one that Raleigh sell. However, the front forks are too wide so they didn't fit.

I tried to get some p-clips so I could fit the Blackburn rack but the shop I use most of the time couldn't get hold of anything bigger than 19mm and I discovered that 22m p-clips have been discontinued. I managed to find some online anyway, and it took a while but I got them, and they're too small.

I've contacted Raleigh and they've seemed a bit clueless. I spoke to someone today who said that they do not sell a front rack which fits and they do not know anywhere I can find one. The Avenir lowrider fitted every road bike in the CycleLife store I got my bike from, yet not my tourer and it's all a bit frustrating! I don't know if this is a common problem or not, I can't find anything. In retrospect I wouldn't go with Raleigh again.

I was supposed to leave at the beginning of the month but this is getting in the way! Does anyone have any information or suggestions that might help me?

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Re: Front rack on Raleigh Royal

Postby toonbiker » 25 May 2010, 1:36pm

Oh dear. I haven't any suggestions but am in the same position as you because I own a Royal. It is excellent for the money and I have toured on it but was hoping to do some longer tours this year, and assumed I could use the front bosses for a routine fit. I am amazed that Raleigh find themselves in this position. I think this and the ongoing problem with the paint work may be responsible for the supposed withdrawal of the Royal. It's a pity cos it is actually excellent vfm. I am going to measure up the forks and bosses and see if they are the same as yours. Jon

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Re: Front rack on Raleigh Royal

Postby Edwards » 25 May 2010, 1:50pm

What about using the U bolt method instead of the the Raleigh fittings..
If I remember right it is a u bolt then a plate across the fork tube, two nuts then two more nuts for the racks to be held against then two cap nuts.
My Blackburn rack has different holes to allow for wider u bolts. The bar that goes over the wheel is then bent to the correct size.
If you can not get u bolts of the correct size then a plate on the inside as well as one on the outside going of the fork tube. A strip of metal with two holes drilled in it should do the job.
Keith Edwards
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Re: Front rack on Raleigh Royal

Postby canadork » 29 May 2010, 6:08pm

Hi Ben,

did you find a solution to your rack?? if not i have racks that would fit.. gee i have panniers and everything.

pm me if your still looking. i'm sure we can get you sorted.

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Re: Front rack on Raleigh Royal

Postby CREPELLO » 29 May 2010, 6:50pm

The best thing for the job is a Tubus front rack mounting set. I'm surprised the mounts on the forks are too low - they ought to be positioned to the main contemporary standard (though it can vary a bit) which is 175mm in a straight line from the centre of the wheel axle. I wouldn't use P-clips for the upper mounts - they're not designed for taking the kind of loads and forces that would be exerted on the rack on the road.