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Home Trainer

Postby Kay » 18 Sep 2004, 10:45am

Can anybody help? I'm thinking of purchasing a home trainer, but am new to these so not certain what to look for in the specs. Basically I'm after a realistic ride with varying resistance and easy set-up.


Re:Home Trainer

Postby hop » 11 Oct 2004, 11:27am

Forget realism, there's no way you'll ever forget you're on one as the bike is clamped rigidly. Getting out of the saddle feels particularly odd, but you might be surprised how much you lean the bike in normal riding. You can get 'variable' models but why bother when you can use the gears on your bike?

The benefits of better models are lack of noise - cheapo trainers with fans sound halfway between a washing machine on spin-cycle and a helicopter.



Re:Home Trainer

Postby avalanche » 16 Oct 2004, 9:57am

Hi Kay. Where are you based? I have a cycle trainer that I no longer use. I wonder if you'd like to try it out? You might want to borrow it for a few weeks so that you can decide if you want to buy one? Mine cost £90 5 years ago, so they are quite an investment. I can't recall the model - and it is in the basement, but can give you more info if needed. Oh, I am 12 miles outside Edinburgh. The offer is there if you are interested.