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Bikes & Bits - Posting guidelines

Postby Graham » 17 Feb 2007, 9:31am

Try a SEARCH before you posts
Before posting a query, please take a few minutes to use the SEARCH* to see if the issue has been discussed before. You may find that the information you need is already there. If your query is only partly answered, the results of your search may still help you to be more specific with your question. Failing to do this may provoke cries of desperation.

* The Search facility on this Forum is good and easy to use. ( Top left-hand side, in the Forum box ). It is possible to select the results by "post" or by "topic" according to the requirement.

Focus us in on the information that you need
Particularly if you want help with a technical problem, please include plenty of detail, including an indication of your level of knowledge about bikes. Otherwise replies may contain too much or too little explanation and so may seem patronising or unhelpful. In particular, do not worry if you are unfamiliar with jargon.

Our thanks to Thirdcrank for the above contributions

Too good to lose
If you see a piece of information that would be helpful to a great many people then please feel free to suggest that it is put in "Technical: To Good To Lose" (viewforum.php?f=25). We hope that this section will grow into a kind of FAQ regarding popular subjects, but it will only do so if people nominate posts and threads to be placed there.

The General Posting guidelines are viewtopic.php?t=3661