genesis day one V il pompino

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genesis day one V il pompino

Postby 3spd » 17 Jul 2011, 8:55am

Anyone experienced both?

Which would you want to hand over "your hard earned" for?
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Re: genesis day one V il pompino

Postby jasonb » 17 Jul 2011, 12:01pm


No experience of the Day One but I do have an il Pompino...(not the latest 2011 frame).

This is my first road bike for over 20 years and first ever single speed, so its hard for me to compare to anything. It is a pretty comfortable ride and appears tough, though I would say the paint durability could be better. Only slight gripe i have is with slight toe over-lap, though hasn't been a problem in everyday use. I have however, shortened the front mudguard. Also, check the sizing. I'm between medium and large and opted for the medium. Part of me says I should have gone for the large.

I paid £400 for mine, which I think was a good deal, and it could be customised to a degree before purchase. It seems at present the latest version is "as is" and is £599, which I guess puts it in a similar price bracket to other options. Not sure I would pay £599....maybe look for a second hand one. Seem to go for between £200-£300. They also have an almost cult following, so should hold its price. Would I buy another one? the right price!

Any other questions, I will try to help.



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Re: genesis day one V il pompino

Postby pioneer » 18 Jul 2011, 3:54pm

The Pomp'. Mainly because I've seen quite a few about and the owners seem to like them. Lighter than the Genesis too.

I'd say the Genesis is more of a off-road biased machine whereas the Pomp' is happy on both road and off'.
A freind in the club has a stable of bikes which includes a very nice (and expensive),titanium road bike. But most of the time, he rides the Pomp'.

I converted one of my my bikes to firstly fixed wheel, now singlespeed for off-road touring (though fixed' off-road is not only do-able but also great fun!) and have ended up with something very like the Genesis. And a lot cheaper too.

Genesis are good bikes but the Day-One Drop just doesn't seem to have caught peoples attention yet. Mind you, some of that could be the fault of the local Genesis dealers. The one here is pretty useless.

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Re: genesis day one V il pompino

Postby mellon farmer » 18 Jul 2011, 9:40pm

I have had a Day One for just over a year now, I have changed the tyres to Randoneurs, carbon seat post,the saddle to a Spesh BG, the brakes to cantis, the chain to one more sensible and put on mudguards. I must say I run it fixed 42-16 and have a 17t freewheel if I feel tired and am lucky enough to have a 'spare' set of wheel with the origianl tyres and a 18t SS cog for tow path type off road.

This is my 'go to' bike, the ride is plush, the handling spot on and is solid and dependable no matter what my needs. I commute 10 miles a day in all weather and this bike is always raring to go. I did try a longer stem but now gone back the the factory set up and find it extremely comfortable. It does depend on what you want to do with your bike, the tyres it comes with I found rubbish on the road but once changed the bike seems to zip along. I have even put on a rack and found the handling fine although you do notice the extra weight being a single speed.

I guess there is not much to choose between these two bikes, if you can try them out but I put forward my vote for the Genesis.