Carradice Bagman Repair

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Carradice Bagman Repair

Postby Tandem Man » 13 Aug 2011, 7:29pm

I have a Carradice Bagman Expedition QR on which one of the black levers which are pushed to release the saddlebag has dropped out.

I rang Carradice for a replacement and,great service,one arrived next day,free,along with a new spring and the bit that slides in and out.

The problem is that the "lever thingy" is an interference fit in the "slider thingy" and it won't go in.

There is a slit down the lever so I presume if this is squeezed by pliers say it will reduce in diameter,go into the hole,expand and therefore fit.

Before I do this and make a b****r of it ,I wondered if anyone else has done it OK ?

Ian From Wakefield