Lumicycle LEDs anyone ??

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Postby PW » 20 Oct 2007, 6:00pm

Yes the weight of the battery is why I'm looking around. It's about the same as a bag of sugar, which doesn't matter on the hack or the tourer, but having spent a small fortune on a lightweight flying machine for fun rides I'd like to keep it light at night(!) The old system has served well - the extra kilo isn't too bad compared with the drag you used to get on unreliable dynamos back in the early 90s and the light output is as good as anything short of a halide.
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Postby Raph » 20 Oct 2007, 11:49pm

Intrigued about the miner's lamps - what wattage? How big, how heavy? How easy to fit to a handlebar or stem? What's the beam like?

I recently bought a home-made one on Ebay, made from the same switch and socket as Lumi halogens, but with an MR16 bulb, all the same wattage and beam angle options as MR11, and the whole lot in what looks like an oversized aluminium film can with a screw top which screws down on the bulb and is cut out so it's just a rim. Pics by email if you're curious. It's obviously very cheap to make once you've found a can the right size - at about 5cm across it's not as compact as the Lumis, but the light is equivalent if not slightly better per watts.

This is the item -

I don't fancy its chances in a downpour, but then even Lumis aren't perfect in that way. Anyway, that's veering many miles from the discussion about HIDs and LEDs - just mentioned it cos the topic had touched on cheapness!

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Postby PW » 21 Oct 2007, 3:49pm

Miners lamps are tthe things you see on helmets on old TV footage of the miners strike, so they're not too heavy. Being designed for use in methane atmospheres they're near enough bombproof & certainly gas & water tight.
There are 2 bulbs, a "dip" or "courtesy light" which has a screw thread bulb of the same physical size as the tail lamp on a dynamo setup - except it's 4 volt & with a 6V battery draws about 1/2 an amp. The main bulb is a halogen prefocus, identical physically to a 6v dynamo bulb, but rated at 4V 4W. Put 6V across that it will light up the road for a 50mph descent of an unlit Peak District hill & make errant motorists dip lights at 200yds+. I normally use 2 lamps, one lamp as decribed, the other one fitted with a 2.4w dynamo bulb as a power saver under streetlights and up hills.
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Postby essexman » 22 Oct 2007, 10:45am

For folks with lumicycle HIDs, who are annoyed they cant dip their lights, i keep the attaching screw a little loose , so that i can swing the light, slightly to the left, to avoid blinding oncoming drivers.

PS this is a great thread, and that blaast thing looks interesting.
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