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Re: Chainring compatability

Posted: 13 Nov 2017, 7:22pm
by Paul Smith SRCC
The issue for me personally has always been to make sure the correct chain ring was always referenced so we knew what to order. I don't mind what anything is called as long from the information given we can then work out what needs to be obtained.

TA no longer reference BCD on their website as the distance between nearest two bolt centres, something they did back in 2007. TA and Shimano now list their chain rings as 'PCD', where as Campagnolo list the same dimensions on their website as 'BCD', note many retailers list Campagnolo as PCD!

Fortunately the majority of us have access to information online, so the necessity for asking someone to measure the distance the between nearest two bolt centres is less of a necessity; we can normally work it out!

Screen shot from TA website, PCD: