Frames 525 or 725 tubing

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Frames 525 or 725 tubing

Postby roger72 » 7 Nov 2014, 4:29pm

I am thinking of buying a Spa Cycles 725 steel frame or a Ribble 525 frame, can anyone tell me please which is the better tubing or frame.I would really appreciate any members views on these tubes and frames. Thank you.

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Re: Frames 525 or 725 tubing

Postby fastpedaller » 7 Nov 2014, 6:28pm

This note doesn't answer your tubing query, but.....
It really depends what you're using the frame for/expect to fit
As an example:If the Spa frame is the Audax one, then I'd suggest it's similar to the Ribble one. If the Spa is the Touring one, then that has V brakes, which will give more tyre clearance.

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Re: Frames 525 or 725 tubing

Postby Brucey » 7 Nov 2014, 6:43pm

in theory the 725 tubes may be thinner gauge than the 525 ones and this may make the frame nicer to ride and a bit lighter. In practice it is best to check the actual tube gauges and frame weights, and go for a test ride if you can.

IIRC the Spa frames come out quite light in weight.


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Re: Frames 525 or 725 tubing

Postby NetworkMan » 8 Nov 2014, 11:49am

I'm assuming you meant the "Ribble Winter/Audax 525 Frame." There are a couple of issues that are perhaps more important than the exact type of tubing used.

Firstly, which brakes are intended to be used since this in part determines the size of tyre you can fit and whether or not it's possible to fit mudguards. Ribble don't seem to give this information for the frame but the recommended fork is apparently designed for 49 mm drop brake. This will limit the size of tyre to perhaps 23 mm with a mudguard. A 57 mm drop brake would cetainly allow a 25 mm tyre and mudguard, perhaps even a 28 mm. Apologies if you already knew that .....

Secondly, and I don't know if it's important to you or not, Ribble don't quote the front centres (distance from bottom bracket spindle to front wheel spindle) so it's not possible to guess whether or not your feet might hit the wheel/mudguard if you steer while pedalling. Again apologies .....

Spa quote both of the above figures and far more information besides, though you should disregard the frame weight figure since that is for the titanium version! The 54 cm. steel frame and carbon fork will probably weigh around 2.4-2.5 kg. rather than the 2.1 quoted. Much discussion on this frame here:-