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Sram crankset and GPX BB advise

Posted: 12 Dec 2014, 4:32pm
by sore thumb
I've got myself a new singlespeed sram crank set

This one;s ... duct=29035

I build all my own bikes and have fitted cranksets before.

The question I would like to ask is, do you put loctite on the crankbolt?

I normally put loctite on the crankbolt, but for some reason this part was covered in grease already in the box.

I have looked at the instructions and it identifies all the obvious parts that require grease and these are pre greased correctly. The instructions do not state if the crankbolt needs greasing, only shows the required tourque.

I though it was safer to have no grease but to loctite the crankbolt.

Any help would be gratefully recieved.


Re: Sram crankset and GPX BB advise

Posted: 12 Dec 2014, 6:01pm
by Valbrona
I routinely apply a small amount of grease to a crank bolt. I have available anti-seize assembly grease, but bearing grease would be okay. If a crank bolt comes with some pre-applied Loctite that says nothing about correct assembly procedure but instead says more about a manufacturer not wanting a warranty claim.

Re: Sram crankset and GPX BB advise

Posted: 12 Dec 2014, 7:00pm
by Brucey
these instructions;

clearly indicate to grease the crankbolt thread.

I'd be tempted to use a little soft Loctite on it myself, because these bolts do occasionally back out. This won't affect the torque setting, because most Loctite grades are designed to lubricate (when uncured) in the same way as oil or grease does.

I wouldn't use a full strength product though; the breakaway torque might become excessive if you treat the full area available.


Re: Sram crankset and GPX BB advise

Posted: 13 Dec 2014, 6:00am
by tim-b

I've a Truvativ Elita (made by SRAM) with the same BB. Assemble it as SRAM recommend, I haven't had any problems with mine loosening in 10000 miles

You can always carry an 8mm allen key for the first few rides if you're not sure. That bolt is also there for removing the cranks, you'll rue the day that it won't shift!


Re: Sram crankset and GPX BB advise

Posted: 14 Dec 2014, 2:05pm
by sore thumb
Many thanks, I have installed the crankset using grease, we will see what happens?